Be One – Its Whats On The Inside That Matters
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Be One

“Be one” is our moto and our call to action. Be one who offers food to a hungry child, clothing to the needy and hope where there is none. This is what Sack Cloth is all about. Instead of asking for financial assistance we believe in providing a unique product that can earn a profit that goes towards good causes.   Our purses and wallets provide a beautiful and safe way to store and access your money. They are made of all natural products and have a protective shield inbetween our fabrics that prevents thieves from scanning your personal information. Although the fabrics that we use are from humble origins, remember, “it’s not whats on the outside that counts, but what’s on the inside that matters.” Be one who helps another.  

The Idea

The modern-day idea of “wearing sack cloth” conjures pictures of someone dressed in a burlap sack with head and arm holes cut in it, but during ancient biblical times its appearance was quite different. As its name indicates, it was used for sacks, but was also customarily worn by mourners as a sign of deep repentance and humility. At this moment both king and peasant alike were equal in their humility.  

Join Us

Please consider the fact that you have somehow been led to this web site and take that as your personal invitation to join us in this crusade. . Your purchase of one or more Sack Cloth wallets will touch the lives of people who really need your touch.  


Our original design is not only great looking, it also has protection in the lining to help prevent walk-by credit card readers from gathering your information.



I have been carrying my credit cards loose in my pocket for years. That has been kind of rough on them and allows them rub against each other and wear the magnetic strips off some cards. I don’t like traditional wallets because of the extra bulk they add to my pocket. I really like the Sack Cloth for it’s material, both inside and out. No more loose credit cards for me! The light weight and soft fabric give me the option of comfortably putting it in my shirt pocket or front pants pocket.


Don C.