Be One – Its Whats On The Inside That Matters
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Who We Are

The modern-day idea of “wearing sack cloth” conjures pictures of someone dressed in a burlap sack with head and arm holes cut in it, but during ancient biblical times its appearance was quite different. As its name indicates, it was used for sacks, but was also customarily worn by mourners as a sign of deep repentance and humility. At this moment both king and peasant alike were equal in their humility.

It is from this humility that we have made this wallet. We have distributed it with the intent to bring about a reminder of how we are all imperfect and in need of forgiveness. Although we no longer observe the wearing of sack cloth, this wallet can be a constant reminder to remain humble. Whether or not you have a dollar in this wallet or hundreds, we must remember that we are all the same regardless of race, creed, color or religion. And like this wallet, it is not the outside that is important but what is on the inside that counts.

Proceeds from the sale of this wallet will go to good causes; to help a hungry child, to offer a helping hand to those less fortunate, and to offer hope where none is found. We appreciate you buying this product and thank you for your help in furthering this humble, yet noble, crusade.

Sack Cloth Cross


Please consider the fact that you have been led to this web site and take that as your personal invitation to join us in this crusade.

Your purchase of one or more Sack Cloth wallets will touch the lives of people who really need your touch.

Beyond that the wallet will be your personal reminder to be humble.

It is unique enough to draw comments or questions from others which will give you an opportunity to help further spread the mission of the Sack Cloth.